Various terms we use throughout the system and their meaning.



A slot allows you to create a mailbox, you pay per mailbox. A deactivated mailbox does not take slot.


A mailbox is just a unique inbox, where you can receive your email.


An alias is an alternative email address (with the same domain). Mails sent to an alias will end up in a mailbox of you choose.

So mails sent to end up in


A forward is similar to an alias, but forwards allow you to forward mails to an external domain.

So mails sent to end up in


A group is one email address for several address in our outside your domain.

So mails sent to go to all of the following addresses:


TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. It allows you and us to send mail privately, because mail is encrypted.

We think this is very important and therefor require TLS by default.

You can find more info on Wikipedia.


Mail filters allow you to apply rules to your incoming mail. They allow you to move mail to a sub-folder, or send a vacation message.

Mail filters use the sieve language.

It's not necessary to know this sieve language to do some basic filtering, as we provide the most common filters in a handy wizard like way.


Junk email, or unsollicited email. You probably want the least possible spam possible in your mailbox.


Authentication rules

Authentication rules allow you to specify which ip addresses have access to what part of your account.




DNS stands for Domain name system. It's used to translate the names you type in your browser's address bar to ip-addresses.

DNS records

There are several DNS records types, for a full list see Wikipedia

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